Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Huge Edit

A change of pace.

A new idea.

So....I've been hunting for blogs that I can follow that have patterns and different ideas for Crocheting. Personally, I am not one to make fluffy sweaters of fantastical colors or items which you probably don't have a need for. There are a couple of great knitting blogs out there but there just doesn't seem to be crochet blogs out there. I decided to delete the previous Flightly Adventure Posts in order to post what the point of this blog was. To Crochet.

I am the one to make blankets for friends, baby booties in superhero colors, and am on a mission this year to make homemade presents for the holidays. This is where I'm going to keep a record of things I create, the stitches and yarn that get me there, and hopefully a couple of new patterns made along the way.

I might post food recipes too. We'll see.

The plan is the following:
  1. Post up Projects
  2. Post up Patterns
  3. Post up step-by step tutorials
  4. Links to other hooking items

So, watch out world. Here comes another blog. Hopefully, a helpful, funny, and interesting blog.

Happy Hooking!