Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Batman Blanket

So. Sometimes I get so excited about projects, start a million projects, and have loads of yarn. But this time around, I had to be timely. The project was for a friend's child. I wanted to make a special present for my Denny (my nickname for the kiddo) and with some internet searching, Project Batman Blanket commenced.

Here's the pattern I found on Craftsters:
From there, I doubled all the spots above, added in a boarder below and next to (around 33 rows of pure black below and above, while there's an extra 40 stitches on the left and right) started hooking. I wish it really was that easy.

This is was after I finally stopped my hooking and realized that the Batman Symbol was no longer in the center. I had lost count of my 40 stitches on the sides. Therefore, changes had to be made because the symbol had moved at least 10 stitches to the right.

See the yellow string on the left? I have the identical one on the right as well. They were my place-markers to tell me where the 40 stitch edge came so I knew where to start the symbol counts. I also decided not to cut any strings unlike the first attempt. I was threading in strings as I went...making life so much better. That graphing paper under the blanket is the pattern I followed. I took the original and doubled it, graphing it out on paper. And then I counted out each of the rows. Made my life WAY easier than trying to do it on the fly. Definitely the three tips I would try to do if you're attempting The Batman Blanket.

After all summer of hot hands and one redo, I finally was able to wrap the present for my favorite four year old.

My friend was kind enough to email me the pictures because silly me, I forgot to take a final picture of it before I wrapped it. I heart this blanket so much, I think I want one....maybe not until the holidays are over though ;)

Here are the specs:

Hook: G
I used a G because its the hook I use for everything. The pattern on Craftster uses an I. Choose what you want...the G made for a tight blanket.

Yarn: Black and Yellow Red Heart Yarn. I unfortunately can't tell you how much I used because I ripped out the first blanket. Buy way more Black, that's for sure.

Stitches: All single stitches. The only issue comes when going back and forth between yellow and black. You have to count the actual stitches because the blanket will look different with the tops of the stitches laying over the next stitch. If that makes sense.

Leave a comment if you have questions...I realize that this is not a tutorial but I would love to help with your own blanket if you have questions!

Hook on friends!


  1. Can you help me figure this out?
    i've ripped this blanket out and tried over and over again like 25 times now and I can't get points of the wings and butt to line up.

    Are you doing Single Crochet or Double Crochet?
    I know you doubled the spaces around the grid, but when you get to the actual pattern on the grid are you still going 1 block = 1 dc or are you doubling it like 1 block =2 dc?

    Please help me. I need to finish this by xmas and I've seriously ripped out and started over at least 25 times. I've gotten so frustrated i've cried.

    1. She's using single crochets all the way through.. So by doubling a box actually represents 4 sc. That's doubling the width and the heighth .. If you can print off the chart print off a couple copies so then you can write on one. If not get graph paper and copy the chart on the graph paper..

      As far as doubling the graph.. For the first row of the part that include yellow... ( chart normal size says to do, 17 black single crochet, 9 yellow single crochet, 17 black single crochet)
      So to double that.

      Row one: 34 black single crochet, 18 yellow single crochet, 34 black single crochet...

      Since this is pretty much mirror image ( cut in half, the right side looks just like the left only reversed) the next row will just simply repeat the row before it..

      (Following is according to chart above only with row one starting at the bottom of the logo where the yellow begins..)
      Row two: 34B sc, 18Y sc, 34B sc. (Total 86 stitches)

      Row three: 26B sc, 34Y sc, 26Bsc (Total 86 St)

      Row four: repeat row three

      Row five: 22B sc, 42Y sc, 32B (Total 86st)

      Row six: repeat row five

      Catch where I'm going with this?

      My blanket will be made different and a specific size.. So yes I double the pattern but my rows of black above the pattern and below and to each side is going to be different from the chart or the way she's doing her pattern.. So row one for the yellow part of the logo may be row 41 for you.. And also.. The sides. The written pattern shows 17. Doubled it would be 34.. The pattern I'm doing is actually going to be 44 stitches... I have my pattern written out for a baby blanket. It will have a border to it. Haven't figured that out yet and won't until the blanket is finished all except for the border.. If you can follow written instructions better than the pattern I will be happy to email you my written instructions for the blanket I am doing.. It follows the same graph above for the most part.. In fact I made my chart using a different pattern but I noticed this one had an extra detail to it that I find looks better.. So I added it to the one I originally had started with..

      I hope this helps. Message me if you need more info or have any other questions.. I'm really good at reading patterns..

    2. Hi, My brother is having a little boy and I'm trying to make a batman baby blanket for him but I can't find a pattern I was wondering if you wouldn't care to share the pattern you made

  2. Would you be opposed to making a video on this? I realllyyyy want to make this for my bestfriend. She LOVES batman and I would be so delighted to do this for her, for christmas. But, I just can't figure out HOW exactly you get it, once you get to the pattern itself. :x You can email me: I really really want to do this. Thank you sooo much.

    1. I know I am 4 years late but did you ever do this pattern and figure it out? I can help you if you haven't and are still interested

  3. Angela Gray. I would be very interested in your directions for they afgan you did please.

  4. Just curious if you were able to get a response for the written pattern for batman graphgan for baby size?