Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Obsession

On my quest of making all my Christmas Presents (something I should have started in at least October), I stumbled across a pattern which I had never seen before. The GRANNY STITCH!

What an interesting stitch. Seriously, I'm loving how easy the stitch is and how quick I can bust out the squares.

I bought this book Vanna's Choice Color it Beautiful Afghans because I'm making a zig-zag blanket for a friend. For the life of me, I couldn't get the ends of the blanket to be straight. Well in this great book which fixed my blanket issues, I discovered the Granny Stitch, more of, the Granny Stitch in a square. I really recommend this book to hookers first starting out. It has great information in the back on the different stitches and has several different patterns that I actually would use.

Let me take a step back for a moment. I found the wonderful Granny Stitch when discovering this wonderful blog: Attic24. I started her blanket with my left-over yarns. But the Granny Stitch just kept popping up over and over....and then I stumbled upon this book during some Black Friday shopping.

I'm not a fan of the colors of the Beautiful Afghans, but I love the patterns. I took one look at the Granny Squares and knew I had to make my mother a shawl which she could wear in the house when she was I have 20 squares done of 75 (5 columns of 15 squares each). I'll post some pictures when I finally find my camera. I believe its hiding from all the Christmas Decorations that are still scattered in my apartment.

I love weekends where I can get some hooking done. Only 20 more days for me to get some more gifts done. Eek!

Happy Holiday Hooking!

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